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T H E  P A R I S H  P A P E R
I D E A S  A N D  I N S I G H T S  
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Coeditors: Herb Miller and Cynthia Woolever –

May 2017 Financing the Local Church

June 2017 Ministry in the Midst of Tragedy


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Presbyterian Women

the Presbyterian women spring gathering has been rescheduled for may 20, 2017 and will still be held at the Bloomsburg First Presbyterian church.

Protestant Campus Ministry

Krislund Mission Work Camp

Grove Presbyterian Church

Horn Lake High School is bringing their fabulous
Voci Novella Elite Ensemble Choir
all the way from Mississippi to Grove Presbyterian Church (330 Bloom St., Danville PA 17821)
on Sunday, May 21st.  Concert begins at 1PM.
This is something you won’t want to miss!  This high school choir travels the east coast, collecting choir prizes at prestigious competitions!  Questions?  Phone the church office at 570-275-0692


Rev Dr William Knudsen


The Rev. Dr. Bill Knudsen leads a responsive reading during the Presbytery of Northumberland’s stated meeting that also served as the executive presbyter’s retirement ceremony.








To say that the Rev. Dr. Bill Knudsen took the path he thought he would or ended up where he planned couldn’t be further from the truth. After all, he had visions of joining the Navy as a chaplain and had little interest in a job opportunity as the executive presbyter at the Presbytery of Northumberland. However, God had different plans for Bill, and 14 years after accepting the call at Northumberland, which followed a 20-year career in the Army Reserves, Bill is retiring.

“It’s the right time to do it,” Bill said when asked about retirement. “I want to retire while I’m young enough to be able to still go out and enjoy life. I’m 67 years old and it gives me a lot more opportunity to settle into a new area, make new friends and still be young enough, active enough and healthy enough to enjoy retirement.” Continue reading

Mooresburg Presbyterian Church

Dr. Edward J. Krzykwa, from Vicksburg, will speak about the Shroud of Turin at Mooresburg Presbyterian Church on Sunday April 9 starting at 5 PM.  The shroud of Turin is believed to have been the linen cloth used to wrap Christ body in for burial.  Dr. Krzykwa, owns a Vatican approved replica of the shroud, and has studied the shroud for more than 40 years. If you have any questions please call Jody at 570-271-1145.

The Shroud of Turin 2017

Mooresburg Presbyterian Church

2017 MAR Mooresburg

Grove Presbyterian Church

Grove Presbyterian presents: Born For This
A musical production detailing the final
hours of Jesus Christ
and will provide
1. Bulletin insert PDF; (by email)
2. Posters (8.5 x 11, will mail).

contact Joy
at 570.847.8659/, or the church office: 570.275.0692.

2013 MAR Grove

Presbyterian Women

2017 PW Gathering cover letter
To register click on the following links for a list of the workshops
and the registration form.

2017 PW Gathering Registration for Workshops
2017 PW Gathering Registration Form
DEADLINE to register is May 8, 2017