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The Presbytery of Northumberland includes 41 congregations, with a membership of 4,038. The Presbytery membership includes 55 ordained pastors,  6 Commissioned Ruling Elders and 5 Certified Ruling Elders.   We also have 4 non-pcusa lay pastors.  According to the Mission statement of Northumberland Presbytery:  The role of the Presbytery is to coach, encourage, develop, train, nurture, correct, and otherwise promote the well-being and health of the local congregation.  Presbyteries do not baptize, congregations do!  Behold, therefore, the vision of a Presbytery busy training local sessions to succeed in their work of shaping and equipping the faithfulness of the Disciples of Christ. The Presbytery’s mission budget provides for mission trips, prison ministry, Presbyterian Homes for Senior Living, Krislund Camp and Conference Center, campus ministries, seminary scholarships, and small church development.

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