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Presbyterian WomanSpecial Resources for PW
PW Women in LeadershipPW Quarterly Newsletter  for Presbyterian Women in LeadershipPW Quarterly Newsletter highlights recent news from Presbyterian Women at the church wide level. Find information from the committees of the Church wide Coordinating Team, details about new resources, highlights of conferences and events, and what’s on the horizon for Presbyterian Women.
Download the current newsletter:
PW Quarterly Newsletter
PW Installation Service
2017-2018 PW Information
PW Resource Information
Ways to Give – Ministries
Together In Service
Birthday Offering
Thank Offering
Global and USA Mission Exchange
Special Offerings and Mission Opportunities
Horizons Magazine For Presbyterian Women
Current Issue
Horizon Bible Study for Women

2017-2018  Horizon Bible Study:  Cloud of Witnesses                       

How to access PW resources on the web:
PW’s website:
For PW of the Synod of the Trinity go to: Presbyterian Women of the Synod of the Trinity
On You Tube:
On Pinterest:
   sign up, then search for Presbyterian Women or Northumberland Presbytery

On Facebook:   search for Presbyterian Women in the PC(USA) , Presbyterian Women of Northumberland Presbytery or search for PW of the Northumberland Presbytery

and for the Presbyterian Women of the Synod of the Trinity facebook page – (still a work in progress!)


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