Synod Mission Projects

2017/2018 PW Synod Mission Project:
Lily’s Place  A Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Center
providing medical care to infants suffering NAS and offer non-judmental support, education & counseling services to families and caregivers.
For more information go to their website:  Lily’s Place

La Escuelita The Little School 2016/2017 Synod Mission Project

La Escuelita The Little School

La Escuelita is a kindergarten and elementary school in Managua, Nicaragua.  The purpose of the school is to provide instruction for extremely poor children.  With the new government the policy is free education for all children.  However, a child without money to buy school supplies and books is not able to really study.  For parents with no money this often means that children do not attend school.  The government estimates over 35% of children nationally are not in school.  In addition, many children have to work to supplement the family income or take care of the younger children or elderly grandparents while parents are at work. Since its beginning in 1996, La Escuelita has provided to over 2,500 students.

By the 2017 School Year, The Little School will have expanded to a second floor and will include the third grade.  The teacher’s goal is to make this “The finest school in our neighborhood.”

Bethel Presbyterian Church ~ 19th & York After – School Enrichment Program
(Philadelphia, PA – Philadelphia Presbytery)
2015 – 2016 PW Synod Mission Project

2015 2016 Synod Mission Project Pic19th & York After – School Enrichment Program provides educational resources and family services in a manner that is profession and effective. The program seeks to become a premier & professional After School Enrichment Program providing resources and services to the families of North Philadelphia in vicinity of Bethel Presbyterian Church.

The core values of the program is to serve families in a way that is, “Spiritually Sensitive, Professionally Consistent, Culturally Competent, Outcome and Results Driven.

After-school programs offer more time for learning in new, fun ways for all students, especially those who may need extra help or individual assistance.  They also improve a child or adolescents chance that their interest in schools will increase.

Some of the programs and services provided are recreational programs and activities and counseling, mentoring programs and employment support.

Click on this link for more information2015 2016 Synod Mission Project

2014/2015 PW Synod Mission Project

FWM_LogoFree Wheelchair Mission is a humanitarian, faith-based, nonprofit organization that provides wheelchairs at no cost to people with disabilities living in developing nations. In collaboration with a network of like-minded partners, FWM has sent more than 781,000 wheelchairs to people in 91 countries, providing dignity,  independence and hope through the gift of mobility.

Our Mission is to provide the transforming gift of mobility to the physically disabled poor in developing countries as motivated by Jesus Christ.

more information


Hands Across The Street ~ Columbia Presbyterian Church  
2013/2014 PW Synod Mission Project

” The Mission of Hands Across the Street is to serve the people of Columbia and the surrounding area who come seeking assistance toward living a better life.”

Our Vision: “Hands Across the Street seeks to be a Grass Roots Organization that provides first-level assistance.”

Hands Across the Street is a non-profit organization that helps those in our community that are in need of  Clothing, Shelter, Counseling, a Monthly Meal, and after School Home Work Guidance.

more information



Haiti Health Ministries, Gressier, Quest Haiti
2012/2013 PW Synod Mission Project


“Bring Health and the Gospel to Haiti”
For additional information go to:
Haiti Health Ministries is located west of Port au Prince the capitol city of Haiti where the earthquake took place in January of 2010.  They are requesting $20,000 in funding to rebuild and improve buildings destoryed during this devastating tragedy.

The purpose of HHM is to show the love of Christ to the lost and to strengthen the body of Chirst in Haiti.  They provide follow-up discipleship training to the community they serve.

The  ministry provides 250-300 prenatal consults each month and 850 lab studies.  The Haitian primary care physicians see over 130 patients daily and the pharmacy dispenses over 150,000 pills, syrups and creams each month.




Home for Girls at Risk – Pakistan (PEB)Presbyterian Education Board in Pakistan.

SHE (Struggle Hope and Empowerment):
The SHE Project previously “Girls at Risk” program strives to develop culturally and religiously appropriate mechanisms of mediation and intervention for children and women victims/survivors of violence in its various forms in different areas of Punjab, particularly where PEB already has a presence.  The program is so effective and so critically needed that programs are not being offered in 20 communities.  This project assists in providing shelter, lodging, counseling and guidance to the women/girls at risk, and targeted racial ethnic persecution.

For additional information you can go to

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  1. We are looking for information to pass out at our Fall Workshops on the Free Wheelchair Mission Project. Upper Ohio Valley PW
    Alcinda James

    • Hi Alcinda, We are also looking for more information. I had a call in to request some but I have the information at home. I will try and get a hold of you this weekend or the beginning of next week. I think I contacted the PW through the PCUSA website but no one has called back yet. I am hoping to get the PW page updated this weekend too. When is your fall workshop? I have to get moving because ours is the beginning of Oct!
      Patty (admin assistant for Presbytery and PW Synod Historian)

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