Presbytery Banner

Northumberland Presbytery Banner

banner 2

The interpretation of the Banner

  • The silhouette of the churches in black reminds us of the 42 congregations in our Presbytery both large and small.
  • The People gathered in front of the churches portrayed in various colors reminds us of the 4,600 members who represent all of God’s people that gather each week celebrating their faith in the Risen Christ.
  • The Gold Star with Cross located in the North reminds us that Jesus is the bright and morning star. Like the Star of Bethlehem and the North Star we have a fixed point in Jesus who will always guide us to the promised land and to eternal life.
  • Motto:  True North…Stay the Course!

 On behalf of the entire Presbytery of Northumberland we want to thank Christine Fuller for designing and creating the attractive banner that will be hung at the office of the Synod of the Trinity in Camp Hill, PA, and our larger banner that is displayed in the Presbytery Office.

northumberland banner-1

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