Resource to the Presbytery

Executive Presbyter: Pastor to the Presbytery
A Resource for Congregational Development and Envisioning:

The Presbytery of Northumberland voted in its new structure to call a Teaching / Executive Presbyter with the understanding that 60% of his time would be dedicated to the normal administration of the Presbytery, and that 40% of the Executive Presbyter’s time would be dedicated as a resource to the congregations.  All compensation for services rendered would be used by the Presbytery to support the Executive Presbyter’s congregational work for the Executive’s time in providing these resources.

The workshops listed below reflect the compensation to be paid to the Presbytery of Northumberland except for supply preaching.

No church will be denied the resource of the Executive Presbyter because of financial concerns.   Time and place of courses will be determined by the individual congregations in consultation and agreement with Executive Presbyter.

Typical Executive Presbyter Resources

Supply Pastor:  on limited occasions as requested The EP is available for pulpit supply when requested by the session.  Suggested compensation: $135.00, paid directly to the EP.

Workshop: When your pulpit is vacant, what happens next?
This workshop is provided at no cost to every congregation.  The EP will contact the Clerk of the Session and with the approval of the Session the EP will preach in the morning worship service following the last Sunday of their previous pastor.  The EP will also provide a two hour power point presentation on What Happens Next: Once Your Pulpit is Empty.  This presentation will be open to anyone in the congregation.  There will be opportunity for questions and answers; the time and place to be determined by the session in consultation with the EP.

Interim Supply Pastor
The EP is available for up to 6 weeks for Interim Supply for churches in transition.  The Session can contract with the EP to do any of the workshops listed below as a part of the contract for the interim in order to provide for an orderly transition.  The EP will not be appointed as moderator.   Minimum Compensation for six Sundays: $780.00 plus mileage.  Additional compensation will be negotiated for other responsibilities (see list of available services below) when requested by the Session.

New Pastor Orientation:
New Pastors and their families will be invited to the Presbytery Office for an orientation class in regards to the structure and organization of the Presbytery.

Small and Rural Church redevelopment: where do we go from here?
The EP is available to work with small and rural congregations to evaluate their present ministry and to think outside of the box to help re-vitalize and re-define their mission as a congregation within their community. Compensation to be determined at the time of request

*Note: All workshops and seminars can be done in different time sequences meeting the needs of the local congregation.  The following workshops and seminars are available and other possibilities are open to suggestion and change.


Presbyterianism 101: what does it mean to be a Presbyterian A three hour course educating your congregation with the basic doctrines and history of the Presbyterian Church (USA).  Suggested Compensation $150.00 plus mileage.

Presbyterian Polity 101: elder and deacon training–a three-hour course on dealing with the responsibilities of church governance and being called into a ministry of church leadership.  It is an excellent course for new officers and a re-fresher course for those who have been elders/deacons for many years: Suggested Compensation $150.00 plus mileage.


Doing Evangelism in the 21st Century
A three-hour course for those congregations that are serious about the Great Commission “Go and Make Disciples”.  The classes will provide practical steps on sharing your faith with the un-churched in your community.  Suggested Compensation $100.00 plus mileage.

Faithful Stewardship:  Time, Talents, & Treasures
(Stewardship) an attitude of gratitude and a loving response to God)
A three hour course dealing with the issues of being a good steward of all the resources that God has given to us.  The course can be extended for an additional session dealing with the topic of developing a budget: Suggested Compensation $100.00 plus mileage.

Discovering and using your God Given Spiritual Gifts
A two-week course (3 hour sessions) to helping Christians discover and use their God given spiritual gifts in the building up of the church.  The course includes an evaluation tool in determining primary and secondary gifts: Suggested Compensation $200.00 plus mileage.

Transforming your Congregation
A four week course (3 hour sessions) based on the book by Dr. Stanley Ott, Twelve Dynamic Shifts for Transforming Your Church.  The objective of this course is to move a congregation from a maintenance ministry to a missional ministry.  The course deals specifically with the problem of change. How do we make changes in our attitudes, in our worship, and in our ministry as we re-discover our mission as the Body of Christ:  Suggested Compensation $400.00 plus mileage.


Conflict Resolution:  developing healthy and spiritual ways of dealing with unresolved issues.
A two week course (three hour sessions) dealing with the issues of understanding and resolving conflict.  Conflict is inevitable.  How we choose to react to conflict can be appropriate or inappropriate as Christians. This course is designed to help foster better communication and listening skills.  It is also designed to seek Biblical guidance in developing skills to deal with conflict and to resolve difficult issues:  Suggested Compensation $200.00 plus mileage.

Hospitality 101:  more than being just a friendly church
A two week course (3 hour sessions) providing practical ways to be a church that is more than just friendly.  Every church believes deep down in their hearts that they are friendly, but are they truly a welcoming and accepting community, a place where a stranger will feel at home?  Suggested Compensation $200.00 plus mileage

Revival or Renewal worship encounters
Spiritual Renewal is important for congregations.  The EP is available for weekend retreats or for protracted meetings emphasizing re-vitalization of God’s spirit upon the congregation and individual members: Compensation will be determined at the time of the request.

School of Healing Prayer
This workshop is designed to empower the pastor and key spiritual leaders in the congregation to use their spiritual gifts of prayer and healing to touch those individuals who are suffering from physical, emotional, and spiritual sickness to find God’s healing grace.  For more information contact the EP.

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