Multi-Media Center

The multi-media resource center is located in the Huntingdon Presbytery Office.


The resource center is self-serving, no paid staff.
All available resources are accessible with a search engine.
For those congregations that are not within driving distance of the Presbytery Office, resources will be available through the mail upon request.

To find a specific author or topic please contact the Huntingdon Presbytery office at 814-682-7289 or email: Susan Furguson at
The data base is fully accessible by a search engine.  Please click the link to be connected to the search Engine:

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Resource Center Mission Statement
The Presbytery of Northumberland and Huntingdon believes that one of the main purposes of the Presbytery is to provide opportunities for continuing education and the necessary resources to provide that education.  Therefore we propose the following Mission statement for the Northumberland & Huntingdon Presbytery Resource Center.

Our Resource Centers’ Unique Ministry:

  • To provide materials:  books, curriculum, videos/DVDs, equipment, etc. for loan at low or no cost to congregations.
  • To provide easy access to these materials through individual assistance by our resource manager or self-service through a search engine available on site or through the internet.
  • To provide resources that will support and equip pastors, elders, deacons, Christian education teachers, in developing their spiritual gifts and ministries for the building up of the Body of Christ.

Our Resource Center Demonstrates Good Stewardship:

  • By sharing resources among churches and providing the more expensive resources that are beyond the reach of most local congregations.
  • By investing in high quality, state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment and materials thus encouraging and enabling church transformation.
  • By researching and providing the best currently available resources for the support of congregational ministry as fewer congregations have the time or finances to do this for themselves.

Our Resource Center is a Networking Link:

  • Thorough personal contact with pastors, educators, and other leaders in the church, the Resource Center is often the initial link between the Presbytery and the local congregation.
  • Through contact with local congregations, the Resource Center manager becomes the link between resources (materials, persons, information) available from various sources within the presbytery.
  • Through contact with other Resource Center personnel, Resource Center staff becomes the link between resources available within the Synod, the Presbytery of Huntingdon.

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